Executive Committee Members

    • Heena Joshi

      Heena Joshi 

      "Originally from Gujarat. Schooled and raised in Mumbai. Lived in England since marriage in 1989. Married to Alpesh Joshi and we have 3 children. Moved to Switzerland in 2010, lived in Geneva for the first 4 years and moved to Zug in summer 2014. Switzerland feels very much like home and I make good effort to integrate in the community." Citizen of: UK, Overseas citizen of India, permit holder in Switzerland Lived in: India, UK and Switzerland Profession: Qualified optici

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    • Rasik Rayvadera

      Rasik Rayvadera 

      "Have been in Switzerland for the last 46 years. Active in IAGZ since its inception. Hoping to have an enjoyable and successful 2021." Citizen of: Switzerland Lived in: Uganda, Switzerland Profession: Retired accountant. Hobbies: Cars, renovations

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    • Swati Parwal Khatri

      Swati Parwal Khatri 

      "I moved to Switzerland from Norway in 2012 and ever since have been exploring this beautiful country. Born and grown up in Mumbai-India, I am strongly attached to the Indian culture, tradition and roots. I am Married to Nirav Khatri and we have a 5 year old son. I am delighted to be a part of IAGZ and I am motivated to do my best to bring the diverse Indian community in Switzerland together. I want to be able to provide our children with a platform to showcase their talents and be able to experience and learn about our rich culture and values through the events we organize."

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    • Bhoomi Bhatt

      Bhoomi Bhatt 

      "Born and brought up in Gujarat, happily married since 2005. After living in Dubai for 5 years, I moved to Switzerland with my Family in 2017. Being an Indian citizen, I hold India very close to my heart. I like to sing, listen to music, read books, gardening and cooking." Citizen of: India Lived in: India, UAE and Switzerland Profession: Hobbies: I like to sing, listen to music, read books, gardening and cooking.

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    • Matri Dave

      Matri Dave 

      "Born and raised in Rajkot, Gujarat. I am Pharmacist by Profession, in which I have a masters degree, but passionate about Indian Classical Dance, I am visharad in Bharatnatyam which I have been practicing since the age of 6. I moved to Switzerland in Dec 2019 after my marriage. I am very excited to be part of the IAGZ committee, and to be able to share and educate people about our culture.” Citizen of: India Lived in: India & Switzerland Profession: Pharmacist

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    • Ratnashree Saha

      Ratnashree Saha 

      "Grew up in Patna and Kolkata, making me an un-stereotypical Bengali who can speak correct Hindi. Married to Prasenjit. IAGZ connects me to the people of my motherland and I look forward to the opportunity to actively share about and celebrate my country." Citizen of: India Lived in: India,Switzerland Profession: Management Hobbies: reading, writing, learning new things etc

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    • Pratul Unadkat

      Pratul Unadkat 

      "Born in Kitale, Kenya and moved to UK in 1968, where I was raised and educated, but my origins are from Gujarat, India. Married in 2010 in the UK and we have 2 children. Moved to Switzerland in 2010 after having lived in many international areas of the world. Switzerland is a great place to settle with families and being at the heart of Europe is very convenient. I hope to bring more cultural engagement to all members and to the wider community." Citizen of: UK Lived in: Kenya, UK, Switzerland

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