Kirtan and Langar with Mayank

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    Kirten & Langar on June 14 at the Gurdwara in Langanthal. Starting at 11am.

    The Gurdwara is a meditative environment where one can sit in the peace and learn about the Guru’s teachings. We strive to make this an inspiring experience for children, and encourage them to participate in the kirtan and the seva.

    Everyone is welcome (open and inclusive); no prior experience in Kirten & Langer is necessary, …In the Gurdwara, out of respect everyone should remove footwear and cover their head with a head scarf (for men these will be available).

    Delicious vegetarian cuisine is prepared by bhakts and is served as Prasad (blessed food) before and after the kirtan, a kitchen where food is served without charge — unless, of course, you would like to make a small donation so that the next persons can also benefit from such Prasad.

    Let’s have one event where we simply meet and give our humble thanks to the almighty and as a family eat prasad, do seva and socialise with each other.

    Thank you Kamal Deep Singh and Pururawa Mayank Chaubey for organizing.

    Check our picture gallery for photos of the event.


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