Hiking with Raj

  • Rigi Kulm

    This is a good first mountain hike around Rigi for new hikers as well as for regular hikers.

    The change in elevation is roughly 400m. This is expected to take 3.5 to 4 hours with easy to medium hiking.
    We will take the train down.

    Meeting Point to start the journey from Zurich is at Zurich HB 8 am.

    • 08:09, DEPART Zurich HB.
    • 08:46, EXIT train at Arth-Goldau.

    From Arth-Goldau we connect to regional train to Kräbel and then Cable Car to Rigi Scheidegg.

    • Hike: Rigi Scheidegg – Unterstetten – First – Rigi Kaltbad – Chänzeli – Staffel – Rigi Kulm

    • We will eat lunch along the way so bring your lunch/snack.
    • Hopefully reach Rigi Kulm between 13:00 and 14:00.
    • Relax at Rigi Kulm area
    • Take the RigiBahn train down to Arth Goldau and a train back to Zurich. Or, take the RigiBahn train down to Vitznau, a boat to Luzern, and a train back to Zurich.

    Trains leave every hour on the hour until 19:00.

    If someone gets tired or wants to stop then just walk up or down to the nearest stop. The Rigibahn runs with trains every hour:

    Things to know about this hike:
    • We are getting most of the information about this hike from the webpage below.
    • You should take into consideration your own ability to hike this mountain, if you feel you can’t make it, stop and take the train.
    • Bring lunch/snacks, rain jacket, good hiking shoes, water, Your return journey Ticket from Zurich HB and back, money for a drink at the top.
    • Please make sure that you have adequete insurance coverage and IAGZ holds no liability.

    More Information can be found on the following web sites:

    Hike Details
    RigiBahn Timetable

    Check our picture gallery for photos of the event.

    Hope to see you there. Your IAGZ EC.


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