GBM 2016

  • This IAGZ General Body Meeting will take place on March 6 at Restaurant Chalet India.

    The aim of the meeting will be to discuss delivered initiatives over the past year as well as review accounts and release the current EC and thereby elect a new one.

    Last year during the GBM it was agreed that the current EC would serve a term from Jan 2015 until May 2016, this was to introduce additional events to the annual calendar, a family and pocket friendly Diwali and a Gala with finesse. Both events have been delivered.

    Given the personal circumstances of certain EC members, we have in agreement with the Advisory committee brought forward the term end time to ensure continuity of the association.

    Please therefore help in setting up the new EC by volunteering yourself or nominating other members to take the open positions.

    From experience, there is some hard work, but the rewards through networking, building a profile, learning various transferable skills make it all worthwhile, and lastly you serve your very own community.

    President – currently Mr. Peenal Asar
    Vice President – currently Mrs. Monita Singh
    General Secretary – currently Mrs. Feroza Simeon
    Treasurer – currently Mr. Tanoy Roy
    EC Member 1 – currently Mr. Raj Khatri
    EC Member 2 – currently Mrs. Harsha Chourey
    EC Member 3 – currently Mr. Mayank Chaubey

    Independent Auditor 1 – currently Mr. Anand Pareek
    Independent Auditor 2 – currently Mr. Himanshu Amin

    Advisory committee members (may be open)
    Mrs. Maya Dave
    Mr. Yogesh Maheshwari
    Mr. Lee Khandelwal
    Mr. Shrikant Mathur
    Mrs. Ranjani Madhawan

    You can send your nominations to the president directly

    Please enrol for the GBM on our registration page. The GBM is open to IAGZ paying members only. The GBM is regrettably not open to children under the age of 12.

    Complimentary lunch and drinks will be provided.

    Attendence will only be granted if prior registered. Non attendance once registered will be charged at 25 CHF.

    Hope to see many of you there.
    All members are invited.

    Best wishes,
    EC 2015/16

    Date: Sunday March 6, 10:30 AM – 2:00 PM
    Venue: Restaurant Chalet India, Oberdorfstrasse 51, 8810 Horgen



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