The Executive Committee 2022


Puja Kalra

TechOps/Quality Communications professional

I moved to Europe from India in 2006 and settled in Switzerland in 2010. A business and communications leader, I am Global Head of TechOps/Quality Communications for a major pharma company, and passionate about making a difference to people’s lives. While in India, I set up and ran a successful commercial business, which was also active in helping women become financially independent.

My desire to contribute positively to the community around me and have the opportunity to support and celebrate the Indian community in the country I am proud to call home is what makes me excited to be a part of IAGZ.

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Bella Asar

Chef, works in the Gastro industry

I am living proof that you can be intrinsically Indian without having lived in India. I've been an integral part of the IAGZ community since I first set foot in Zurich more than a decade ago. Despite being a tech graduate, I chose to follow my passion for culinary creations and now work in the gastro industry. Delighted to be part of the EC and supporting everyone in delivering exciting initiatives to our members.

Veena Vijayan

Former communications professional, foodie and yoga enthusiast.

A communications professional who worked in Mumbai till 2019, I am also a foodie and yoga enthusiast. Switzerland and its people, particularly the Indian diaspora is a relatively new and exciting experience for me.

I am inspired by the human ability to connect beyond religion and faith. If you don’t find me indulging in Hindi movies you are sure to find me wandering in the forests and blending in with nature.

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Aniruddhan Balakrishnan

Political Science graduate, hobbies include reading, trekking, and playing the violin.

Hi everyone! I am a Swiss-born Indian and my parents hail from Chennai. I have lived in Zurich for the past 11 years, but I am a newcomer to the IAGZ! I graduated in Political Science and my hobbies include reading, trekking, and playing the violin. I have a strong connection to the Indian culture and look forward to being part of this year’s EC and being able to contribute my share in strengthening our community and having more fun together!
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Sheetal Menon

Finance professional, hobbies include dancing, interior decoration, traveling and meeting people from different cultures.

Always a pakka Mumbaikar at heart but then various shades of Swissness have been growing on me since 2008 when I moved here after marriage. A finance job keeps me busy during the day but what really excites me is dancing in all its forms, interior decoration, traveling and meeting people from different cultures.

Much as I love living and working in this beautiful country, I definitely miss home – the colorful festivals, the local delicacies and our rich and vibrant culture. Through IAGZ, I look forward to actively participating, sharing my ideas, bringing together fellow Indians, and creating an India away from home.


Chirag Bhatia

Technical Services Manager, hobbies include cooking and reading.

I have been living in Zurich for more than 2 years but I am no stranger to Switzerland, as it has been my home for almost about 14 years. Intensely proud of my Indian heritage and culture, I greatly look forward to promoting this as part of the IAGZ EC. It's also a chance to meet new people and make friends. In my free time, I like to cook and read.
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