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Dear IAGZ Members and Friends,
On behalf of the new committee, we would like to thank you and wish you the best for 2023. Thank you for your overwhelming vote of confidence for the new committee.
Spring is in the air and the new committee led by Nitesh is taking root, budding with fresh ideas. The seeds were sown in the GBM where we heard you and have planted those in our objectives for the year. As the year unfolds, we will watch the ideas blossom into meaningful events and initiatives that will bring a smile to your face and leave a lasting impression.

The 2023 EC is formed of broader spectrum and diverse backgrounds from India to Switzerland, with one key focus – Swiss-India Friendship. Our goal this year is to make a bigger impact on society through the IAGZ, become a well-known presence in Greater Zurich, and connect with the wider Swiss community. We are planning a variety of events that cater to all ages within the community. We aspire not only to spice things up and make our events fun, but also enhance the Swiss-India friendship.
Our first focus is YOU !! So naturally we have explored ways so that your IAGZ membership gets more bang for the buck. We already have few promising arrangements with some of our partners and exploring efficient ways – physical/digital/hybrid – to have membership cards with validity dates which you can use to avail the benefits.
While we know that your support is always with us and the membership payment is just a formality, the sooner we have our 2023 member base, the better it is for us to plan stable and sustainable arrangements with our partners/sponsors and ultimately bring more benefits for You !!

More details are here ( and some additional information at the bottom of the email. As always, the more the merrier and so please encourage your friends and acquaintances to become IAGZ members.
We invite all of you to actively support and be involved in the association by participating, hosting and volunteering at IAGZ events. Your suggestions on sponsoring and partnership will come a long way in helping us achieve the year’s objective. We are always reachable at and you can also contact us individually.
So here we are,  the new IAGZ Executive Committee of 2023 embracing the new season and looking forward to a fantastic year filled with unforgettable experiences!Nitesh Gandhi – PresidentAniruddha Ghosh – General SecretaryNaresh Singhania – TreasurerRakhee Suvarna Lehmann – EC MemberStuti Aga – EC MemberChetan Jain – EC MemberBanmeet Arora – EC Member

Here’s what’s coming up in 2023

!Holi Mela (02. April)

Picnic (18. June)

Navaratri (28. October)

Diwali/ Gala (25. November)

And many more events. 
Please do follow us on our IAGZ website ( and make sure you join our Facebook group  ( for regular updates, information on events and also to actively interact with other members.

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