Dear Friends,

A brand new year brings with it hope for a healthier and safer world. And a chance to introduce our 2022 Executive Committee, one replete with new faces and brimming with enthusiasm.

Led by Puja Kalra and ably supported by 6 diverse personalities from varying backgrounds, read all about them here. In their capable hands rests the organization and execution of multiple events as we hope to return to a more normal world.

IAGZ EC 2022
President: Puja Kalra
Secretary: Veena Vijayan
Treasurer: Chirag Bhatia
Smriti Ahluwalia
Bella Asar
Aniruddhan Balakrishnan
Sheetal Menon

Namaste and Hello Everyone! We are excited to be part of the IAGZ and committed to strengthening the community spirit and showcasing the rich culture that is our inheritance. As a team of vibrant and dynamic individuals, we are here to celebrate our diversity and our country! Looking forward to a great and healthy 2022.

– The IAGZ Executive Committee

And that’s by far not all!

We are delighted to unveil a totally revamped website with a new logo, a labour of love conceptualized, developed, and executed by our esteemed past President, Ankita Thaker. Heartfelt thanks to her!

Thanks also to one of our founding members, wordsmith Smita Kishore, who has never failed to skilfully put our thoughts into words. And last but not least, Peter Simeon, photographer and videographer extraordinaire, whose talent is on full display in our photo archives.