Executive Committee Members

    • Atit Patel

      Atit Patel 

      "Born and raised in Ahmedabad, lived good part of my young days of life in Leicester, and here I’m in Zurich since last seven years. Married to Arti and father of two children (Aditya and Reeva), I enjoy my professional and personal life here in this beautiful country." Citizen of: United Kingdom Lived in: India, UK and Switzerland Profession: Accounting, Finance, Project Management Hobbies: Cricket, Skiing, Running, Volley Ball, Mountai

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    • Nitesh Gandhi

      Nitesh Gandhi 

      "I came to Switzerland in 1999 and ever since been a part of this wonderful country. Born and grown up in India, I have strong links to the country. We have 2 children, who have grown here in Switzerland with both the cultures." Citizen of: Switzerland Lived in: Switzerland and India, with professional experience across Europe. Profession: Technology and Management Consultant with focus on programs and building platform products. Hobbies:

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    • Vishvala Amin

      Vishvala Amin 

      "I moved to Switzerland in 1999 and have found great joy in this fascinating country. The Indian culture is deeply embedded in me, even though my family has not lived in India since the early 1900s. Now that my three children have flown the nest, I hope I can dedicate more time to IAGZ." Citizen of: Switzerland and Great Britain. Lived in: Uganda, United Kingdom, Switzerland and India. Profession: Pharmacist in the past, and a home maker now. Hobbies:

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    • Rasik Rayvadera

      Rasik Rayvadera 

      "Have been in Switzerland for the last 46 years. Active in IAGZ since its inception. Hoping to have an enjoyable and successful 2019." Citizen of: Switzerland. Lived in: Uganda, Switzerland. Profession: Retired accountant. Hobbies: Cars, Renovations.

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    • Ekansh Anand

      Ekansh Anand 

      “I was born here in Zürich and grew up in an Indian family. I am excited to be a part of IAGZ and looking forward to organizing memorable events. I am especially keen to organize sports events.” Citizen of: Switzerland Lived in: Switzerland Profession: Innovation Manager Hobbies: Badminton and Cricket

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    • Jayesh Kumar Baid

      Jayesh Kumar Baid 

      "Hi, I am living with my family in ZH for more than 10yr., excited to become part of IAGZ EC group and looking forward to organize some great events in 2019. My main motivation to join the group is to, create a platform where our young generation get an opportunity to connect & understand the value of Indian culture and learn one or more Indian language. I am also keen to organize sport events." Citizen of: India Lived in: India, US, Switzerland Profession: Reinsuranc

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    • Madhavan Poyyapakkam

      Madhavan Poyyapakkam 

      "I moved with my family to Switzerland in 2007 and currently work for UBS - Group Internal Consulting in Zurich. I have been with IAGZ since its inception in 2011. I spend my spare time watching cricket, news, movies and connecting with friends . I am married to Ranjani and we have a 4 year old son." Citizen of: India Lived in: India, lived the last 20 years in USA, UK & now in Switzerland. Profession: Project Manager

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