Executive Committee Members

    • Ankita Thaker

      Ankita Thaker 

      “Being a part of IAGZ EC last year was an enthralling experience. I am looking forward to working with the new EC and co-creating beautiful fun-filled events.” Citizen of: India Lived in: India, Switzerland Profession: Founder, CEO, Principal Architect of Purple Peepal GmbH, a design collective based out of Zurich and Ahmedabad.

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    • Suchitra Suresh Kumar

      Suchitra Suresh Kumar 

      “I am happy to be a part of this diverse community and contribute in organizing events filled with fun and togetherness. Hoping that these events would leave a smile on your face... Coz I believe in smiling as life is beautiful and there are immense things in this world that one can smile about.” Citizen of: India Lived in: Chennai, Switzerland Profession: Clinical Data Manager Hobbies: Dancing, Swimming, Cooking, Traveling.

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    • Ashok Kishore

      Ashok Kishore 

      “I moved with my family to canton Schwyz in 1987, working for a US company trading in raw materials. While my day job continues to be in this area, I spend my spare time reading, watching moving pictures (TV and Film) and being a foodie. I am married to Smita and we have two daughters, both living abroad. When not slaving away in the corporate world or visiting family and friends, we like to spend time in Barcelona.” Citizen of: India Lived in: India, USA, Switzerland Profession:

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    • Varsha Gandhi-Patel

      Varsha Gandhi-Patel 

      “I am exicted to be a part of Executive Committee of IAGZ and working with Ankita and EC team. The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you havenot found it yet, keep looking. Do not Settle. धीरे धीरे रे मना, धीरे सब कुछ होय, माली सींचे सो घड़ा, ऋतु आये फल होय । संत कबीर” Citizen of: Switzerland Lived in: Mumbai, Switzerland Profession: Financial Services Hobbies: Running, Traveling, Yoga and Spiritual Menotoring.

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    • Peter Simeon

      Peter Simeon 

      “I am a native Swiss citizen who became interested in Indian culture through Bollywood films. Since almost 20 years I take part in Indian events and I have travelled to India several times. Through my interests in Indian culture I also got to meet my wife from Bangladesh. I’m happy to work with the team and bring my technical expertise to the IAGZ events.” Citizen of: Switzerland Lived in: Switzerland Profession: Software Engineer Hobbies:

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    • Pooja Kaigala

      Pooja Kaigala 

      “As a recent member of the IAGZ, I am excited to be contributing to the community as part of the EC. I look forward to helping organize fun events.” Citizen of: India Lived in: India, Canada, USA, Switzerland Profession: Montessori Teacher Hobbies: Reading, Painting, and Travel

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    • Prashasti Prabhu

      Prashasti Prabhu 

      “2018 looks to be a year of trying out new and exciting things for me. Hoping to organise memorable events and a be a part of successful executive committee.” Citizen of: India Lived in: India, USA, Germany, Switzerland Profession: IT Hobbies: Singing

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