Executive Committee Members

    • Vishwa. Muthusamy

      Vishwa. Muthusamy 

      “Young, multi-talented, versatile, passionate person living in Switzerland for 4 years. Looking forward to actively involve and integrate the vast Indian community around the Zurich region in Switzerland. Join us and ride with us happily this year.” Citizen of: Indian Lived in: Chennai (India); Netherlands; Switzerland Profession: R&D Design Engineer Hobbies:

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    • Vandana Shah

      Vandana Shah 

      “I am so excited to be a part of the Executive Committee of IAGZ. I am hoping we will rock this year organizing enjoyable and fun events for the Indian community here in Switzerland.” Citizen of: Australian Lived in: India, Australia, UK, Switzerland Profession: Financial Services Consultant Hobbies: Cooking, travelling, meditation, yoga, pilates, photography

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    • Aishwarya Subramanian

      Aishwarya Subramanian 

      “Having just moved to Zurich, I am excited to work as a member of the EC for IAGZ. Looking to work with the team and organizing many events!” Citizen of: Indian Lived in: India, Switzerland Profession: Investment Banking Analyst Hobbies: Running, Reading, Travelling

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    • Ankita Thaker

      Ankita Thaker 

      “Exuberant...Enthralling...Engaging. Let us make IAGZ 2017 a year full of fun and frolic. ” Citizen of: India Lived in: India, Switzerland Profession: Founder, Architect-Designer of Purple Peepal GmbH (Zürich - Ahmedabad - Surat)

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    • Namrata Das

      Namrata Das 

      “I am delighted to be a part of IAGZ, and motivated to bring the diverse Indian community in Switzerland together.” Citizen of: Indian Lived in: Nepal, India, Qatar, Switzerland Profession: Aspiring Chef Hobbies: Travelling, Cooking and Baking

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    • Vijaykumar Ramaswamy

      Vijaykumar Ramaswamy 

      “Wishing to build upon the great work of making IAGZ a strong voice for the Indian Community here in Switzerland. As a recent immigrant to Switzerland myself, I also wish to focus IAGZ's efforts to assist the integration of immigrant Indians into Swiss life.” Citizen of: Indian Lived in: Mumbai, Florida, Switzerland Profession: Biomedical Engineer Hobbies: Tra

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    • Vikram Kriplaney

      Vikram Kriplaney 

      “A passionate software geek in Zurich since 2001, who founded mobile at local.ch, developing some of the most massively successful apps in Switzerland. I look forward to building bridges of understanding between our ancestral and adoptive communities. ” Citizen of: India (OCI), Spain and Switzerland Lived in: Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Spain), Mumbai and Zürich Profession: Mobile software architect (Head of Mob

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